Disabled Dunmow woman completes unaided mile-long walk for charity

Mandy's Mile

Mandy's Mile - Credit: Archant

A man was “brought to tears” when he watched his disabled wife complete an unaided mile-long walk for charity, in Great Dunmow.

Mandy Cornwell, of Upper Millfield, took just under two hours to get from Tesco, on Stortford Road, to Parfect Fairways, on the Flitch Industrial Estate.

The fundraiser, which was to raise money for two charities, was a big achievement for the 40-year-old who was forced to learn to walk again after a stroke in 2006. And before she was seven, she had already battled a brain tumour, cancer and meningitis.

Speaking about the walk, Mandy, who has also suffered with osteoporosis and has daily back pain, said: “It was hard and I had to have a few sit downs as my legs were aching but at the end everyone was cheering me on and it was fantastic. It was lovely that I achieved something like that and especially as it was for a good cause.”

Mandy’s walk raised more than The Stroke Association and MacMillan Cancer Support.

Her husband, Kevin, 43, said: “I had tears in my eyes as I was so proud of her and what she had achieved. It was hard for her but she did it and it was great. She also managed to eat a roast dinner after as well!”