Deputy mayor in Ryanair flight drama to Stansted Airport

A DUNMOW council member had a dramatic flight home to Stansted Airport on Tuesday which caused him to miss a crucial meeting on the future of Uttlesford.

Ron Clover, a member of Uttlesford District Council, was forced to pass on his apologies when a medical situation unfolded right before his eyes on his journey back from Malaga in Spain.

His Ryanair flight, which was already an hour late due to French airport strikes, was forced to divert to Madrid after a man fell unconscious mid-journey.

Cllr Clover who is also Dunmow’s deputy mayor spoke to The Broadcast after the ordeal and described the incident.

“We were already one hour behind schedule but encountered further drama when a male passenger was taken seriously ill,” he said.

“Evidently he lost consciousness and requests for ‘is there a doctor on board’ produced no response.

“While the cabin crew made gallant efforts to revive him, the captain made the decision to divert the flight to Madrid airport.

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“On arrival at the Spanish capital the plane was directed across the airfield to where a medical team were waiting, four members of the team hastened aboard and after a short time the patient was able to be walked off the plane and off to hospital.

“The unscheduled diversion required some topping up of fuel causing more delays. It would then appear that because of the delays one of the flight crew would run out of hours – fortunately there were two ‘jump seat’ second officers on board and one of them was able to complete the journey back to Stansted.”

Cllr Clover missed the decision on sharing services with Harlow.