Police arrest nearly 100 M11 and M25 environmental protestors

Insulate Britain protestors hold banners at a motorway junction

Insulate Britain protestors on September 17, the day that they blocked the M11 junction 8 near Stansted Airport - Credit: Insulate Britain

Insulate Britain has revealed when it will stop protesting in Essex amid a police investigation into the group.

Essex Police officers have arrested 94 people linked to protests on the M25 motorway in September and October, and at the M11 junction near Stansted Airport on September 17.

The police are asking anybody impacted by the protests to come forward and share their experience of the disruption.

Insulate Britain photograph of protests in Thurrock, Essex near the London Orbital (A282) Dartford Crossing

Insulate Britain protesting in Essex on October 13 - Credit: Insulate Britain

But the group claims Essex Police is investigating "ordinary people" in pursuit of a good cause.

An Insulate Britain spokesperson said: "If the government make a meaningful statement that they will start protecting the people of Essex threatened by catastrophic climate change and those suffering in fuel poverty, we will be off the roads immediately!"

They added: "Essex Police is investigating ordinary people asking for universal care.

"They are protecting a government that is actively facilitating deadly climate change."

A notice from Insulate Britain for drivers facing protestors in Liverpool.

A letter from Insulate Britain to drivers facing disruption during the protests - Credit: PA

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The group wants the central government to take responsibility for insulating all social housing in Britain by 2025.

It wants the government to fully fund and take responsibility for a full low-energy whole-house retrofit for each home in the country by 2030.

Det Sgt Christopher Arnold, who is leading the Essex Police investigation, said: "Our complex investigations are progressing and we would now like to hear from anyone who has not yet spoken to us but believes they have been inconvenienced by the disruption.

"Specifically, I would like to hear from anyone who could not attend medical appointments, could not attend planned work and therefore missed out on payment, or missed - or were severely delayed - attending any significant life events."

Anyone who was significantly inconvenienced can email operation.lilac@essex.police.uk

A government spokesperson said: "People’s day-to-day lives should not be disrupted, especially on busy motorways where lives are put at risk.

"We have made huge progress in upgrading the energy efficiency of England’s homes – from 9 percent rated grade C in 2008, to 40pc today.

"We are investing over £6.6 billion to decarbonise the nation’s homes and buildings in a fair, practical, and affordable way as part of our landmark Heat and Buildings Strategy."