Crime round-up for Dunmow and surround villages over the past four weeks

Crime round-up

Crime round-up - Credit: Archant

Here is a round-up of crimes in Great Dunmow and the surrounding villages over the past four weeks.

• Bogus electricity workmen told a victim in Chelmsford Road, Barnston, her power would go off unless she installed a new system for £1,400. She offered them £1,000, which they agreed to, and left with after searching an upstairs bedroom. The incident happened between 11am-1.30pm on July 17.

• An unknown projectile was fired from a vehicle at a victim’s car while driving along the A120 at Takeley between 7-8.40pm on August 1, causing the victim’s wing mirror to smash.

• Scratches were caused to a grey Mercedes A200 in St Mary’s Drive, Stansted, between 6.45am on June 26 and 11.25am on July 15.

• A grey Nissan Couple was stolen from St Clements, Thaxted, at 3.12am on July 16.

• Thieves tried to break into a car in Felstead Crescent, Stansted, between 10pm on July 1 and 1.30pm on July 6.

• A wallet was stolen in Margaret Street, Thaxted, between 3pm on July 16 and 9.30am on July 17. An attempt to use a stolen bank card failed.

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• An electric gate was damaged as a white/grey Freelander was driven onto land in Thaxted, Two people with dogs, possibly greyhounds, were also spotted. The incident happened on July 22.

• Burglars attempted to break into a home in Cambridge Road, Stansted, by forcing rear patio doors between 1-2.39pm on July 24.

• Items were stolen from a Ford Transit on Southgate, Stansted, between 4.40-7.30pm on July 24.

• Water leaks were caused to a property in Lower Street, Stansted, after suspects climbed the roof and removed tiles between 5pm on July 25 and 11.40am the next day.

• Five garages had their locks damaged in Chapel Hill, Stansted, between midnight on July 25 and 9.45am on July 26.

• A key was stolen from a key safe at a home in Watling Lane, Thaxted, between 8pm on August 1 and 11.50am the next day. No access was gained to the property.

A key safe was also removed from the wall of a property in Dunmow Road between 7pm on August 3 and 1.30pm the next day.

• Tools and equipment were stolen from a container in Elsenham Road, Stansted, between 3pm on August 2 and 8.10am the next day.

• Windows and doors were smashed after someone threw a can of paint and two bricks at a property in Lower Street, Stansted, between 1.05-7.10am on August 4.

• Power tools were stolen from a white Ford Transit parked in Berners End, Barnston, at around 10.45pm on July 16.

• A wooden pavilion-style building was broken into and searched in Bush End between 4.30pm on July 21 and 9.10am the next day. Nothing was stolen.

• Tools were stolen from a garage in Ongar Road, Great Dunmow, between 7.30pm on July 21 and 11.10am the next day.

An unsuccessful attempt was made to steal a forklift from a property in the road between 5.30pm on July 25 and 8am the next day.

Items were stolen from a shed in the road between midnight on July 21 and midnight on July 27.

• Metal fencing and an orange Hitachi U17-3 were stolen from properties in St Edmunds Lane, Great Dunmow, between 4pm on July 22 and 2pm the next day.

• A Rolex watch worth £4,000 was stolen from a home in Cox Ley, Hatfield Heath, between 1.50-7.40pm on July 24.

• Items were stolen during a careful search of a property in Station Road, Felsted, between 5pm on July 17 and 12.50pm on July 25.

• Damage costing £3,000 to repair was caused to a Ford Transit tipper in Dunmow Road, Takeley, between 6pm on July 25 and 9.30am the next day.

• A white Honda SH300 scooter was stolen from the driveway of a home in George Green Bungalows, Little Hallingbury, at around 6.45pm on July 27.

• The spare wheel was stolen from a vehicle in Chelmsford Road, Great Dunmow, between 8am on July 8 and 2.30pm on July 27.

• A wheel came detached from a trailer which was being driven after thieves stole the wheel nuts in High Cross Lane, Bacon End, between midday on July 21 and 1.15pm on July 27.

• Items were stolen from the garden of a property in The Grove, Bedlar’s Green, with the suspect knocking on the door of the home and stealing the items before the victim answered the door, between 10.45am-12.24pm on July 28.

• A front window was smashed in Bannister Green Villas, Felsted, between 4-5pm on July 28.

• A bicycle was stolen from the garage of a home in Leyfield, Takeley, between 4.30pm on July 27 and 6.10pm on July 28.

• Two bikes, a drill and a mobile phone were stolen from a garage and office in The Street, Bedlar’s Green, between 1pm on August 3 and 4.25pm the next day.

• A laptop and iPad were stolen from a Mercedes Vito van in Bannister Green, Felsted, between 8pm on July 30 and 11am the next day.

• Copper wire was stolen from a warehouse after burglars cut through warehouse cladding to break-in in Chelmsford Road, Great Dunmow, between 1.30-11.46am on July 31.

In a separate incident in the same street, floodlights and CCTV cameras were damaged in the front yard of a property while copper wire was stolen from the rear, between 1.51am-10pm on the same date.

• Burglars ransacked a home in Rayfield Close, Barnston, after forcing entry through rear patio doors between 8.20am-7.12pm on August 3.

• Number plates were stolen from a white Audi Q2 for sale at Chelmsford Road Industrial Estate, Dunmow, between 6pm on July 31 and 10.15am August 3.

• Number plates were stolen from a red Nissan Micra parked on The Causeway, Great Dunmow, between 11.30am on July 31 and 2.30pm on August 4.

• Only a gym bag and wheel brace were stolen from a garage at a home in Lovers Lane, Shalford, after it is thought the burglar panicked when an alarm went off at 12.45pm on July 27.

• A lock was broken on a diesel tank in The Street, High Easter, around 10.35pm on July 30. Nothing was stolen.

Anyone with information about any of these crimes should call police on 101.