Anti-drug spray trialled in Braintree clubs, pubs, and public toilets

An Essex Police officer sprays Blok-it onto a surface in Braintree

An anti-drug deterrent spray is being trialled in Braintree - Credit: Essex Police

People who take drugs in some Braintree venues could be left with a foul taste in their mouths.

Police officers in Essex began trialling a new anti-drug spray this month, called Blok-it.

The spray is now on surfaces in licensed and public venues throughout Braintree and Witham.

Blok-it is clear and contains a powerful bittering agent which will react with any powdered substance.

If the powder is ingested, it will have a foul taste which can last for hours.

PC Caroline Marsay, from Essex Police, said: "There are still a small number of people who choose to take recreational drugs while visiting these premises, which not only poses a real danger to themselves, but has a significant impact on the wider community.

"It makes people feel unsafe, can lead to violence and ultimately funds organised crime."

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The project is funded by the Braintree District Community Safety Partnership, which includes the district council and fire service.