A Thaxted man whose behaviour has been labelled 'reckless' by police has been banned for driving for three years.

Richard Langley, age 50, of Weaverhead Lane, Thaxted was stopped by police at around 11.15pm on October 7, 2021. He had been driving on the B184 from Saffron Walden towards Thaxted. He was initially stopped on another matter.

Police found a small amount of cannabis in his car and the whole vehicle smelled very strongly of the drug.

A drugs wipe tested positive for drugs. Further tests showed the level of cannabis in Langley's blood was almost twice the legal limit.

He was charged with drug driving. At Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on March 2 he was banned for three years.

PC Kerry Rowson from the Uttlesford Community Policing Team said: “Drug driving puts lives at risk and Richard Langley’s actions were reckless.

“If you drug drive, you are really likely to be caught.

“We have more than 500 officers across the force who are trained to use drug wipes, more than ever before meaning there’s a greater chance of you being caught.

“Drugs stay in your system and just because you don’t feel impaired doesn’t mean you’re not over the limit."

Pc Rowson added: “If you’re convicted of drug driving you’ll lose your licence for at least year.

“Losing your licence may mean you end up losing your job, that could lead to you losing your home. Even worse, if you drug drive you could kill yourself or someone else."