A 35-year-old man, who was banned from the roads following an incident on the M11, was stopped by police after he was allegedly spotted driving home from court.

The man, from Sunderland, was handed a three-month driving ban at Southend Magistrates' Court in Essex on Wednesday, July 13.

Following his sentencing, he is thought to have left Southend in his car.

The 35-year-old was stopped by police in North Yorkshire on suspicion of driving while disqualified at Scotch Corner, near Darlington, the same day as his sentence.

He was originally handed a driving ban following an incident on the M11 near Harlow - between London and Cambridge - on December 3, 2021.

Dash cam footage handed to police via "Extra Eyes" showed the 35-year-old drive his lorry from the hard shoulder into lane one, forcing a different driver to take evasive action and almost colliding with another HGV.

He then forced the driver who took evasive action into the hard shoulder.

Mick Green, Essex's Extra Eyes manager, said: "Our officers cannot be everywhere, so we encourage the public to help us by being our 'Extra Eyes'.

"That way we can have a bigger policing presence and deal with more road-related offences across our county, keeping everyone safe."

In the M11 case, the driver was ordered to pay a fine of £853 in addition to the driving ban.