Councillors and residents at the end of their tether as horses wreak havoc in villages

Horses have been roaming around Little Dunmow and Flitch Green.

Horses have been roaming around Little Dunmow and Flitch Green. - Credit: Archant

Horses have been wreaking havoc in two Uttlesford villages – running amok and turning up in church yards, children’s playgrounds and even on main roads.

For the past month, five of the animals have been spotted nearly everyday at various locations in Little Dunmow and Flitch Green.

It has been described as a “big problem” for villagers because their gardens are being destroyed and there are concerns over safety.

The police have had to be called out on a number of occasions to move the horses off main roads after they have blocked traffic.

With no solution in sight, parish councillors are coming to the end of their tether over the situation.

Flitch Green parish councillor, Emma Nicholls, said: “It is only a matter of time before something happens.

“There is concern for small children and dogs as the horses do get very jumpy.

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“One of the horses did try to chase a dog and not so long ago there were three horses in the Little Dunmow playground.”

It is unknown who the owner of the horses is, but according to one resident they are coming from a field next to the Flitch Way.

Jeff Thomas, chairman of Little Dunmow Parish Council, said there had been sporadic appearances by the horses during the past year but over the last month it has become a daily occurrence.

He told the Broadcast: “It is a big problem. They are a nuisance, apart from being on the recreation ground they are also going into peoples gardens and eating their plants.

“People in the village are frightened for their dogs and their children. A lot of residents are upset about having to avoid them on the main roads – it is a traffic hazard.”

Police say that there is nothing they can do unless they feel the horses will be a danger to the public.

A spokesman said their investigations were “ongoing and we have not washed our hands of it”.

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