Councillor on the mend but wife continues to suffer from coronavirus

Cllr Arthur Coote with wife Elaine. Picture: SAFFRON PHOTO.

Cllr Arthur Coote with wife Elaine. Picture: SAFFRON PHOTO. - Credit: Archant

Arthur Coote, R4U councillor at Uttlesford District Council, and his wife Elaine - who has asthma - have both been treated for pneumonia after self-isolating with symptoms of Covid-19.

Councillor Arthur Coote. Picture: SAFFRON PHOTO.

Councillor Arthur Coote. Picture: SAFFRON PHOTO. - Credit: Archant

The 71-year-old said his symptoms got “worse and worse” and paramedics spent hours at their Saffron Walden home treating their infected lungs. Cllr Coote still has a cough.

His wife, 64, is still ‘very poorly’. Cllr Coote said: “She has got it in her stomach and her lungs, she has been sick and having trouble stabilising, because it’s in two places. It affects your smell, eating, makes you vomit and cough.”

Cllr Coote’s wife has also been having heart flutters, that wake her up. Their doctor said it is probably caused by her rising temperature which she is taking paracetamol for.

Cllr Coote first had a “nasty cough” and cold symptoms and his wife a “very high temperature”. At the start of last week he was diagnosed with Covid-19 and pneumonia with virus-related complications known as pleurisy.

“They prescribed antibiotics and strong painkillers,” Cllr Coote said, adding: “It’s the worst I have felt in 71 years.”

Cllr Coote has had bird flu, swine flu and “most other viruses” which have caused epidemics for the past 65 years, but said none of them were like Covid-19.

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“Last weekend, I was lying on my bed and I thought if this is the time to be on to whatever is to come, then let it come on, because it was really grim.

“On Sunday I was really bad and that is when I rang the hospital and they diagnosed me online. They said I had definitely got the virus and pneumonia.”

Cllr Coote said he had been feeling “debilitated”. He said he couldn’t move his body, and when he coughed his whole back hurt. Even getting up was an effort because of his very high temperature and “never-ending” cough.

He says Elaine was affected more by coronavirus because of her asthma. Her breathing was “not great”, so Cllr Coote had to call an ambulance on Wednesday last week. He praised the quick response as he said paramedics arrived at his home in 25-30 minutes. They concluded the virus affected her lungs and contributed to lung infection – so Elaine was put on antibiotics.

Cllr Coote added: “There are reports of people not going by the guidelines. If they are as ill as this, they will realise how important it is to follow guidelines.”