Clear your shelves with Cilla Black and The British Heart Foundation

CILLA Black has joined The British Heart Foundation (BHF) in persuading people to clear their bookshelves for charity.

As part of BHF’s BIG Entertainment Appeal the former Blind Date hostess has donated her own library to help the cause.

“My entertainment collection is full of treasures,” she said. “From The Beatles and Cliff Richard to Jackie Collins and Pride & Prejudice I enjoyed rummaging through, relieving the memories, and passing them on to a great cause.

“It would warm my heart to see locals taking a trip down memory lane too by sharing some of their classics with BHF Shops.”

So if your favourite read of last year now gathering dust on your book case or you listened to that must have CD or watched that DVD one too many times then BHF is asking you help them reach their target.

BHF shops have an ambitious target of generating good quality books, CD’s and DVD’s throughout May which will help in the fight against heart disease - the UK’s biggest killer.

Last year BHF Shops raised more than �22 million, helped by the sale of second-hand items.

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For more information on The BIG Entertainment Appeal and to locate your nearest BHF Shop visit or call 0844 412 5000.