Charitable giving at harvest time

FELSTED Aid has received donations of �500, raised by pupils at Felsted Preparatory School, near Dunmow, through their Harvest collection and various donations last month.

The charity - whose aim is to help sick and under privileged children throughout the world, with a focus on those children affected by the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 - extended a plea for coats and shoes for children. A heart-warming response from parents and community members has allowed a substantial amount of items to be sent to Ukraine where they will be truly appreciated by orphans who are closely linked with the charity.

Following the harvest collection, the Year 4 children from Felsted Prep also visited the Alms Houses, a collection of homes for elderly or disabled residents in Felsted, to deliver groceries and goodies to the ladies in residence. The ladies enjoyed the children’s visit and appreciated the gifts that were offered. The pupils were very pleased when one lady reciprocated with chocolate for all of them.