“He’s the best in the world” - Dunmow boy beats record

A 15-year-old boy from Great Dunmow has beaten a world record after moving the biggest K’nex vehicle for five metres.

Dozens of residents came together to support William Rose in managing to move a model he made using approximately 14,000 pieces.

His mother, Carole Rose said there was “a bit of a touch and go moment”, but she felt relieved when Will overcame it.

She said: “One of the wheels started to buckle, and we were like, ‘oh, no, is he going to make it? Is he going to get a second chance?’

“But he did it, and everyone started cheering when he crossed the line.”

Carole said it was her “biggest, proudest mum moment”.

“I was so happy and so pleased for him,” she said.

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Will could not test the vehicle in advance because of its size, so he left it in the garage and was very happy with the outcome.

Carole said: “His face when he went over the line was so lovely, he doesn’t usually smile.

“Especially because of what we have been going through this year, we were really happy.

“I have been saying to him that he’s amazing and he finally belives he is amazing. He’s the best in the world.”

Because of social distancing rules, there was no indoors celebration, but they celebrated as a family in the evening.

“I was celebrating getting my garage back,” Carole joked,

She said she is “really proud” to live in Dunmow, after around 50 Dunmow residents came to support Will.

“People came down to see him, which was lovely. We all managed to socially distance.

“People from local businesses helped us with the platform for the Knex and with confetti, and the photographer and the independent witnesses gave up their Saturday to come and help us. It’s great how everyone came together and helped.

“We had local children coming down to support him, and letting the confetti off. There was one lady who used to take him to school every day, but we didn’t see her in years, and she saw it on Facebook and she came down.”

Will and his family will now send all the proofs through to Guinness World Records, and Carole expects an official decision in a few months.