Cannabis factory found near village homes

POLICE have seized 156 mature cannabis plants growing at an industrial estate near to the village of Ford End.

Officers executed a warrant on a unit at Drakes Lane, just off the A130 towards Chelmsford, on Monday September 20.

Sophisticated irrigation and hydroponics lighting was also confiscated and later destroyed.

Neighbourhood constable Pc Matt Noone, said: “We will not tolerate illegal drugs being used, sold or cultivated in our area, and will vigorously investigate all reports of such behaviour.”

Officers are urging everyone to be alert to the possibility that there may be a cannabis factory in their neighbourhood.

Pc Noone added: “Tell-tale signs of cannabis cultivation include blacked out or permanently covered windows, a large amount of soil or tubs being taken into a property, frequent condensation on windows, and the installation of ventilation systems.

“As cannabis plants grow and mature, people living or working nearby may also notice a sweet, sickly, smell emanating from the property.

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“If you become aware of any suspicious behaviour of this sort, or if you have any information about the cannabis factory on the Drakes Lane industrial estate, please contact us.”

The number for Essex Police is 0300 333 4444, ask for Pc Noone at Boreham.