Can you give Victor a loving home?

THE BROADCAST has teamed up with Danaher Animal Home to find pets new loving owners.

Victor is a three year old Staffordshire bull terrier who was found wandering all alone and frightened on wasteland. He was brought to the home by the local dog warden.

Volunteer Lucy Smith said: “Victor is a sweet dog who loves attention and uses his happy face and gruff bark to greet you. Unfortunately poor Victor is often bypassed as he looks older than he actually is. He recently came on our Sponsored Dog Walk and behaved beautifully.”

General Manager John Kirkman, who walked Victor, said: ““He is one of the calmest and most affectionate Staffies I have ever met. I ‘d have him myself were it not for my very possessive cat!”

Victor is not coping well with being in kennels and is desperate to find his own loving home. If you can offer him the good home he so deserves then please contact Danaher on: 0300 111 4321 or Visit for more details.