Q&A: Campaigner and letter writer Tony Clarke

Campaigner and letter writer Tony Clarke.

Campaigner and letter writer Tony Clarke. - Credit: Tony Clarke

How would you best describe your job or role in the community? No official role, but unofficially, I like to think I help people to understand the part that uncontrolled development plays in our lives.

How long have you lived in Dunmow? 19 years, and before that 25 years in Cambridge.

What would you do if you were mayor for a day? Sort out the potholes, the muddy footpaths and the appalling parking on the High Street.

What is your favourite landmark in the area? Thaxted Church at night when it's floodlit.

What is your favourite pub in the Saffron/Dunmow? The Stag in Little Easton - it's a proper community pub with a proper landlord, good beer, good food and good live music.

Which shops do you rely on in Saffron/Dunmow? In Dunmow, Jacks. In Saffron Walden the fish stall on the market, Angela Reeds and Harts Bookshop.

What is your favourite place to go and eat in the area? The Spotted Dog at Barnston is always good, and the Flitch of Bacon is great for a special occasion.

What is a perfect day in Saffron/Dunmow for you? A morning round of golf at Saffron Walden Golf Club, an afternoon walk along the Flitch Way with my wife and Dai the Border collie and dinner in the Spotted Dog with friends.

Which places in Dunmow would you recommend to visitors? Castelden Meadow.

Who is your Dunmow hero? My hero is my wife. For many years she was a fundraiser for the Save the Children Fund in Dunmow and in that time she helped raise over £250K.

What do you most love about Saffron/Dunmow? Despite the developer ravages of the past few years, they retain their feeling of community and of being special places.