Campaign launched to drop speed limit outside primary school

FEARS for residents and children’s safety has spurred a campaign to reduce the speed limit outside a primary school.

District councillor Keith Mackman has put in motion plans to lower the speed limit on Stortford Road from 40mph to 30mph.

He was out on Stortford Road with PSCO Glenn Braden last week for the first of three sessions clocking motorists’ speeds to highlight the potential dangers to Great Dunmow Primary School pupils.

His drive for safety has been backed by the school’s headteacher Sylvia Ruck.

“We would welcome any reduction of the speed limit on Stortford Road as it is a constant cause of concern,” she said.

“It is already apparent that parents and pupils find it difficult to safely bring and collect their children from the school. However, we are extremely grateful to Tesco for allowing parents to park there at the beginning and end of the school day.”

Cllr Mackman told the Broadcast that an accident would have fatal consequences.

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“I campaigned for road safety before the elections in May and I think this would go a long way to making Dunmow safer.

“This stretch of road has a 40mph limit meaning cars can get away with 44mph – outside of a school that is ridiculous. If there is an accident it will be fatal,” he said.

“The Stortford Road entrance to the school may not be the main one but it is well used. Coupled with the fact that there are two bus stops that are used by Woodlands Park residents and Tesco shoppers, I don’t think it is unreasonable to drop the limit by 10mph.”

His campaign comes on the back of a district council initiative to encourage drivers to watch their speeds.

Uttlesford District Council’s community safety partnership (CSP) has used a grant from the county council to organise speed watch events.

Community safety officer Martin Ford said: “Road safety officers have visited schools to speak to pupils about safety so that they can all take part in the campaign. And, a number of community speed watch groups will be carrying out speed watch events in their own areas as well.

“I hope that motorists in the district will reduce their speed and, for those that don’t, police officers will be on hand to advise, assist and if necessary enforce traffic legislation.”

For information on UDC’s campaign or how to set up a speed watch group contact Mr Ford on 01799 510555.