Calls for new Stansted pharmacy to receive NHS prescription licence

PUBLISHED: 16:19 11 April 2017 | UPDATED: 16:19 11 April 2017

Councillor Terry Farthing has joined calls for a new pharmacy in Stansted to be issued with an NHS prescription licence

Councillor Terry Farthing has joined calls for a new pharmacy in Stansted to be issued with an NHS prescription licence


A district councillor has joined calls for a new Stansted pharmacy to be granted an NHS prescription licence, saying it would be “madness” not to allow it.

Professor Ashok SoniProfessor Ashok Soni

Councillor Terry Farthing, who represents South Stansted and Birchanger, had given his full support to a petition organised by campaigner Ray Woodcock, calling for NHS England to grant Stansted Surgery the power to dispense NHS medicines.

Currently. patients visiting the new doctors surgery and dentists in Castle Maltings, Lower Street, are forced to take their prescriptions to one of the chemists on the main Cambridge Road.

The petition, which received 501 signatures, has been sent to NHS England in support of Ashok Soni’s application.

Councillor Farthing said: “You only visit your local GP when you are unwell, so why is the NHS asking patients to climb Chapel Hill to collect their prescriptions?

“The new surgery is a real community asset and could prove to be a vital hub for the village, so surely it is only common sense that Prof Soni, who is a highly qualified medical professional, be granted an NHS prescribing licence?

“To not allow him to dispense medication to his patients seems like madness.

“Those fortunate enough to be able to drive up to the chemists currently have the issue of trying to find a parking space on the main road, which is already clogged up with delivery vans, shoppers and passing lorries.”

Mr Woodcock, 76, who campaigned for a new health centre for 10 years, says he decided to start the petition to help people in Stansted.

He said: “At the moment, people collecting their prescriptions have to walk up Chapel Hill, which has about a 200 metre gradient.

“I’m a reasonably fit and well 76-year-old, but I am often out of puff walking up the hill, so it must be very difficult for people who are unwell.

“I met Ash and I thought I’ve got to help this guy get a licence, so I stood outside the surgery for several days to speak with people and collect signatures.

A decision is expected on the application by xxxx.

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