Call for volunteers to join community speedwatch project in Dunmow

VOLUNTEERS are needed to join the fight against speeding drivers in Dunmow.

PCSO Glenn Braden and Uttlesford district councillor Keith Mackman have sealed an approval for three new community speed watch teams. The new locations are St Edmunds Lane, Rosemary Lane and Braintree Road.

Cllr Mackman and his colleagues were out with the speed-detecting equipment in St Edmunds Lane on Saturday morning, and again in Rosemary Lane on Monday.

In both situations 15 vehicles were caught exceeding the 30mph limit. In one case, in Rosemary Lane, a motorist was travelling at 46mph.

“It is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed,” said Cllr Mackman.

“The thing with community speed watch is that it is not punitive. Those caught speeding will get a letter in the first instance, they won’t be getting tickets at that stage.

“My view is that we should remind people to do the right thing all the time, rather than punish them for occasionally doing the wrong thing.”

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Health and safety checks have been carried out on the three identified sites and now Essex Police is asking volunteers to step forward to be trained in using the equipment.

Partnership and community engagement officer Deborah Gray Farrer highlighted the “excellent work” of community speed watch and how they can help to officers.

“The aim of community speed watch is to change driver behaviour by identifying those road users who continuously use the road network in a manner which causes risk,” she said

“Community speed watch teams are a valuable and vital asset towards making communities and roads even safer.”

To put your name forward call Dunmow police station on 101 and ask for PSCO Braden 71104.

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