Gold filling 'worth about £50' found in Tesco granola squares pack

A gold filling, a Tesco bag of 4 Granola squares, and a ruler to show the size, in Great Dunmow, Essex

A Great Dunmow man found a gold filling in a Tesco finest bag of 4 Granola Squares - Credit: Roger Wolfendale

A Great Dunmow man got a surprise in his Tesco finest pack of four granola squares.

Roger Wolfendale found a metal object in one last night (Wednesday). On closer examination it turned out to be a gold filling. The filling is about 1cm across.

He has raised the issue with Tesco and the Dunmow store's bakery manager today said they will investigate.

Roger said: "I googled how much a gold filling is worth - it's about £50. It's perhaps about 130 granola bars!"

He added: "I feel sorry for the person who lost their gold filling."

He said the store told him the bars are not made in the store.

We have contacted Tesco for comment.