Wardrobe's eco-swap success in Great Dunmow

Two women outside ladies fashion boutique Wardrobe, Great Dunmow, Essex

Nikki Anthony, owner of Great Dunmow boutique Wardrobe, outside her store with a customer during her eco swap - Credit: Saffron Photo

An eco swap organised by a Great Dunmow clothing boutique has been a hailed a success and could be repeated again later in the year.

Wardrobe owner Nikki Anthony said lots of people had brought in items for the sales rail, designed to boost the number of times a garment is worn by finding it another home rather than it sitting unloved in a cupboard.

They sold 140 items in just a few days while the event was running, from Thursday, February 3 to Saturday, February 5. Items that did not sell were returned to the owners.

"I was really good, we couldn't believe it. On Thursday morning the rails were absolutely full," she said.

Nikki said customers came in having seen the news item in the Broadcast, and through her promotional videos, Lives and posts on Instagram and Facebook.

She added: "People were thrilled with it. I think we might do it again. It was brilliant."

Eco swaps are becoming more popular across the UK, as people are becoming aware of their consumer footprint.

Women inside a clothing store Wardrobe in Great Dunmow, Essex, taking part in an eco swap

Nikki Anthony, owner of Great Dunmow boutique Wardrobe, with customers and her eco swap rail - Credit: Saffron Photo