Containerlift supports laughter and supply chains

Fun with Saffron Walden charity The Laughter Specialists

Archive image: Fun with Saffron Walden charity The Laughter Specialists - Credit: Saffron Photo

A Dunmow logistics company has been supporting not just supply chains, but a charity that brings laughter to children and their families.

Containerlift has supported Saffron Walden based charity The Laughter Specialists for many years, and has now gifted them a shipping container for use as a store and as a future entertainment facility.

The charity supports vulnerable children and their families by raising a smile through laughter and fun in schools, hospices and hospitals - such as Broomfield and Addenbrooke's.

Annie Aris, the operations lead and co-founder, said support from companies like Containerlift was "life changing" for children and their families. If they can attract further sponsors they could expand and add another laughter specialist.

She said their work through the pandemic has been different - online via Zoom, by making films for children and hospitals and outreach projects.

"We are working in people's gardens and behind glass - working with families we would normally visit at school or hospitals in their own homes."

Containerlift has also been supporting the NHS by delivering personal protective equipment (PPE) and collecting CT scanners from Europe to alleviate pressures on UK hospitals.

Containerlift of Dunmow moving a container

Dunmow logistics firm Containerlift with a CT Scanner - Credit: Containerlift

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They found the first lockdown a particular challenge as containers and ships were in the wrong locations across the world, leaving supply chains depleted.

They now have over 65 HGV vehicles across the UK, including 15 new ones, but the challenge for any haulier has been to ‘restock’ supply chains following recent lockdowns.

In an effort to get the UK’s supply chains back on the front foot, every haulier has been deploying all their resources to cater to the demand.

Any member of the team who is qualified to drive a truck has been doing so, including Managing Director Joost Baker, the senior management team, and company directors.

A Containerlift vehicle in action

A Containerlift vehicle in action - Credit: Containerlift

Joost Baker said: "I am extremely proud of the work we do - carrying out transport work for the food industry, the Ministry of Defence, schools, hospitals, the power networks and, yes, for the toilet roll industry!

"I would also like to offer our thanks and appreciation of all the other essential workers helping to keep everyone safe and keeping Britain moving.”