Businesses claim Dunmow would prosper with a one-way system through the town

BUSINESS owners in Dunmow have expressed desire for a one-way system through the town claiming it would aid prosperity.

The Chamber of Commerce explained that a one-way system through on North Street and Rosemary Lane would create parking spaces and ease congestion allowing tourists to park on the roadside and shop in the town.

Chairman of the Dunmow and District Chamber of Commerce, Mike Perry, told the Broadcast that the congestion that plagues the town would be alleviated by a one way system.

“There is a tremendous amount of traffic in the high street between 5pm-7pm going both ways which could be alleviated if we had a one-way system.”

Mr Perry believes that for Dunmow to prosper the town needs to be accessible and additional parking through the implementation of a one-way system could be fruitful for businesses.

“The key to Dunmow’s success is accessibility; if people can park in the town, close to where they want to be, then people would be more willing to shop here,” he said.

Talks between the town’s authorities and the Highways Agency have taken place in the past but the project has never been taken forward due to the financial implications.

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Mr Perry admitted that the completion of the North West Bypass would negate the need for a one-way system but the completion date is nowhere in sight.

Newly elected mayor Ron Clover stated that the completion of the bypass should be the main priority but a discussion should be opened to get residents opinions on a one-way system.

“It would be interesting to have a debate so we could get an idea about how residents would feel about a one-way system.”

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