Broomfield Hospital closes ward amid fears of Norovirus infection

BROOMFIELD Hospital’s Braxted Ward is closed to admissions and visitors to prevent infection.

It is thought to be due to Norovirus, a virus which causes those symptoms for 24-48 hours and can spread quite quickly.

As a precaution the wards have been closed to admissions and visitors to help us to control the infection. The situation is being re-assessed on a daily basis and as soon as the trust is happy that the risk of infection has passed, the ward will re-open.

In the meantime, if visitors need to visit either ward for compassionate or other exceptional reasons they may do so at the ward manager’s discretion.

In order to continue to contain the infection;

?Patients are reminded to wash their hands well with soap and water after visiting the toilet or wipes and before eating meals.

?Patients are also asked to ensure that all clinical staff wash their hands before examining them.

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?Patients who have not had symptoms may be incubating the illness and so at the moment can only be discharged if they are well enough to go to their own home without shared carers.

?Patients are not being transferred to other wards within the hospital or to other hospitals unless there is an urgent clinical need

If you need any clarification of these points, or for further information speak to a member of the ward staff on 01245 514321.