Award winning Dunmow reflexologist getting ready for Africa charity trip

Students at St Mulumba Special School

Students at St Mulumba Special School - Credit: Archant

An award-winning reflexologist from Dunmow is fund raising for a charity trip over to Africa this summer to help children in a special school.

Lorraine Senior and her staff will go to St Mulumba Special School in Choma, Zambia and work with pupils and staff, teaching them relaxation techniques to support emotional wellbeing.

The school is a home and school for 200 children with physical, emotional and life changing circumstances, including orphans and those with HIV+.

Her technique will help the students to reduce anxiety and improve mood so they are in a better state for learning and coping with their day – she says it is also relaxing for the person giving the session.

The money she raises will go make sure all staff at the school are trained with the right resources – a tabard, symbols, photos and pictures to help communicate the session and the routine.

Any extra funds will be donated to the school for equipment of their choosing.

This trip comes on the heels of an award for excellence in innovation from the Association of Reflexologists in November last year.

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She said: “It’s a very new concept to go and support the staff and children in a challenging environment, and we are looking to hopefully develop the links with the school.

“I have worked at a few schools in this country, and the school in Zambia were really thrilled with the thought of having something new that they could help the children with.”

Lorraine is holding a charity quiz night at Rowena Davey Cay Centre on February 25 at 7pm to raise money – places must be reserved with Lorraine on 01371 875372. Teams of six or eight, £5 per person.

Or, to just donate, visit