Author’s talk at Harts Books in Saffron Walden will focus on ‘turbulent’ world and changing technology

PUBLISHED: 09:09 20 March 2018

Harts Books in Saffron Walden.

Harts Books in Saffron Walden.


The author of a book about riding the waves of change in a “terrifyingly turbulent world” is coming to Harts Books in Saffron Walden.

Author Neil Gibb. Picture: CONTRIBUTEDAuthor Neil Gibb. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Neil Gibb, 53, will be introducing and discussing his new book entitled The Participation Revolution on March 28.

In his 256-page manifesto, Neil, from Colchester, talks about new advances in technology and how this could positively impact society, comparing this period of time to disruptive phases in history such as the Industrial Revolution.

He said: “Big historical events were enabled by technology, such as the Industrial Revolution. It changed jobs, allowed urbanisation, and so on. I’m interested in the social change in what is currently going on.

“We are seeing shift from consumer economy to participation economy. The old fashioned model of just buying stuff is falling apart.

“We are at a point in time of massive change where the future is unwritten and it could go a number of ways. We could have a dystopian future or technology could really create a golden age where awful jobs are automated. It’s about working together on how to use this.

“There is an irony that part of the central premise here as we are moving from passive consumerism to active participation. If you look at all the businesses which have been successful, they allow people to participate.

“Google doesn’t have a product, YouTube doesn’t have a product - they actually connect people together. They are facilitating something, they like you to participate in something.

“The world is changing and what this book is about is helping people understand and thrive in this new emerging world. This is really what it’s all about.”

Neil travels around the world and works with companies to help transform the way they think as a business and how to operate in a changing market and most recently he has worked with banks, tech start-ups and oil companies.

Tickets for Neil’s discussion about his new book are £5 and available over the phone on 01799 524 552 or in-store at Harts Books, in King Street.

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