Action stations for Great Dunmow’s new town radio – Switch

GREAT Dunmow’s first-ever community radio station will be hitting the airwaves in November.

Organisers have raised £20,000 to get Switch Radio started and this week revealed the much-anticipated station will be launched on Friday November 1.

But the station is in desperate need of volunteers so it can take off without a hitch.

Jacky Rom, spearheading the project, said: “We are not frightened to ask for help because we need it.

“The focus now is to get people involved with marketing and the planning of shows before the launch.

“Other volunteering possibilities include gardening, admin, grant finding and much more.

“I am hoping people want to get involved.”

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So far £10,000 has been raised through various events while the project received a grant for the same amount from the Eastern Plateau Programme, funded by Rural Development Programme for England.

The funding needs to be spent by the end of 2013 so the team are busy working to meet their deadlines.

Residents will be able to get their first glimpse of what Switch will be like at the Dunmow Carnival on September 21.

Jingles made by youngsters at the Arts Centre, where the station will be based, will be playing throughout the day.

Deputy mayor Jonathan Cadwallader thinks Switch – which will be broadcast on the internet – will be promising for the town.

He told the Broadcast: “I think the more we can support local events in Dunmow the better.

“We are a very busy little town and the more information about what is going on, for the young and the old, is great.”

If you have any ideas for radio shows, e-mail To find out more about volunteering opportunities, contact Mrs Rom on 01371 878020.