Felsted School's steel band showcased their talents for a crowd of primary school children.

The year nine and 10 band members visited Bocking Primary School, introducing year five and six pupils to traditional Caribbean songs and interactive learning through a series of workshops.

The band's visit wasn't just about a live performance but also offered pupils an immersive experience into the rich musical heritage of Trinidad and Tobago.

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The Felsted pupils were praised by teachers for showing leadership and "guiding the younger students with patience and kindness".

In the afternoon, the band entertained the whole school with a performance, encouraging the Bocking pupils to join in and provide a hands-on learning experience for everyone.

Lauren Freeman, school music lead at Bocking Primary School, said: "The children felt inspired, spoke fondly of the day and were able to talk about the notes they played.

"What a fantastic experience.

"The Felsted students were incredible, very encouraging and patient - a real credit to the school."

Rachel Clarke, assistant director of music at Felsted, said: "We are incredibly proud of our Steel Band for their dedication and the positive impression they left on the Bocking community.

"We look forward to many more opportunities to share our love for music with the wider community."

Music is important at Felsted School, with efforts to provide opportunities for all levels of musicians.

In partnership with Junior Guildhall, the school allows promising musicians to participate in an integrated programme with the Felsted music department.

Chris Townsend, head of Felsted, said: "Providing our students with a genuinely rounded education is so important, and the performing arts are integral to this.

"We are fully committed to offering students the chance to develop their musical talents and interests, encouraging them to contribute to cultural life as adults.

"Having confident performers willing to share their skills with the community is an excellent way to inspire others to engage in music’. "

Felsted has been recognised in the past, winning Boarding School of the Year 2023 at the TES Schools Awards, and in March was named as ‘A Top 20 UK IB School for 2023' by IB-Schools.com.