Visitors can meet the Tudors and take part in a range of historical activities at the Gardens of Easton Lodge.

Tudor Day will take place from 11am to 5pm on Sunday, June 23, with activities, re-enactments, music and refreshments.

Easton Lodge dates back to Tudor times, when Queen Elizabeth I gave Henry Maynard the estate at Little Easton in recognition of his work as the right-hand person to William Cecil, Lord Burghley.

Dunmow Broadcast: Music will be provided by The Colchester WaitsMusic will be provided by The Colchester Waits (Image: The Gardens of Easton Lodge)

Cecil was the Queen's foremost advisor and Lord High Treasurer - and believed by some to also be spymaster in chief - with spies across England and France to ensure he was one step ahead of any Catholic plots to kill the Queen and restore a Catholic monarchy.

Henry Maynard decided to build a new mansion on the site of a hunting lodge, calling it Easton Lodge.

On Tudor Day, activities will be led by The Companye of Merrie Folke, whose authentic costumes and language will help bring history to life.

Dunmow Broadcast: Visitors can take part in activities such as net and charm makingVisitors can take part in activities such as net and charm making (Image: Gardens of Easton Lodge)

Visitors will learn about the life of courtiers, their household and staff, taste Tudor fare and try out skills from the time - including net and charm making and quill writing.

There will also be an archery demonstration, Tudor games and a play to entertain visitors.

Musicians The Colchester Waits will perform on the day, as the Citty Waytes did as reported by Will Kemp in 1600.

He wrote: "Such Waytes...fewe Citties in our Realme have the like, none better.

Dunmow Broadcast: Flowers in bloom at the Gardens of Easton LodgeFlowers in bloom at the Gardens of Easton Lodge (Image: The Gardens of Easton Lodge)

"Who besides their excellency in wind instruments, their rare cunning on the Vyoll, and Violin: theyr voices be admirable, everie one of them able to serve in any Cathedrall Church in Christendome for Quiristers."

Last entry is at 4pm and the gardens close at 5pm. Tickets can be bought from or through


In June there will be lots for visitors to enjoy around the gardens, such as the new wildflower spiral, which will be showing its first colours.

As with other Sunday open days, there will be plant, craft and information stalls, and children's activities.

Refreshments will be provided by volunteers from the Gardens of Easton Lodge Preservation Trust.