OFFICERS recovered a stolen vehicle whilst on patrol in a village near Dunmow.

A patrol was being conducted in the early hours of this morning following what police say came after a "series of theft of motor vehicles in the district".

At 1.30am, their attention was drawn to a Ford Ranger in the Takeley area.

When attempting to stop the vehicle, the driver failed to stop and decamped the vehicle entering an Audi to make off at speed from officers.

The Ford Ranger was identified as a stolen vehicle from the Little Canfield area which had been taken by keyless entry 30 minutes prior.

The car was later reunited with its owner.

Officers say they will continue to be on patrol in the early hours to disrupt criminal activity.

A spokesman said: "Keyless entry to a car works by a fob or card emitting a signal.

"When it comes close to the vehicle it allows you to unlock the doors and start the engine.

"You can help reduce this signal by storing the car fob in a faraday pouch when not in use.

"These use special material to help prevent the signal being picked up.

"Please also consider a physical security device like a steering wheel lock to help increase security."