Numerous pets from around Essex are looking for their forever homes - could you help them out?

Whether you want to adopt a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or hamster, someone always wants to find a new owner.

There are several RSPCA branches in the county, along with the affiliated Danaher Animal Home.

If you think you would be able to rehome one of them, go to either the Essex South, Southend & District branch, the South West branch, or the Danaher Animal Home websites for details.

You can also donate to the charities and help them carry on their rescue work at the same websites.


Dunmow Broadcast: MaggieMaggie (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Female

Age - Five years old

Breed - Shih Tzu

Colour - White and Tan

If you want to adopt Maggie you can view their full profile here.

Maggie is described as a "sweetheart who loves a fuss" who has slowly been adjusting to kennel life.

Her previous family did not feel they could fulfil her needs due to their own ill health, so decided to rehome her.

Maggie would need a home with children over secondary school age, and could potentially live with a dog-savvy cat.

At the same time she would be more than happy to be the only pet in the home.


Dunmow Broadcast: AngusAngus (Image: Danaher Animal Home)

Gender - Male

Age - Three years old

Breed - German Shepherd

Colour - Tan and Black

If you want to adopt Angus you can view their full profile here.

Angus is a dog on the lookout for a forever home that has a savvy owner who understands the quirks of a rescue dog.

He has had a bit of a tough start to life but "he just needs that chance to feel safe and suss out the domestic life again".

Angus is described as a "bright" and "willing" dog whose enthusiasm can get the better of him when it comes to treats and toys.

Danaher Animal Home added: "With Angus's happy exuberance, he'd do best in an adult-only home. He's best as your one and only furry companion; he can socialise with other dogs if he chooses to but would prefer not to live with one at the moment, and cats aren't quite his cup of tea."

Maggie and O'Malley

Dunmow Broadcast: Maggie and O'MalleyMaggie and O'Malley (Image: Danaher Animal Home)

Gender - Female (Maggie) and Male (O'Malley)

Age - One year old

Breed - Domestic Shorthair

Colour - Brown, White and Black

If you want to adopt Maggie and O'Malley you can view their full profile here.

Maggie and O'Malley are two cats who have had a rough start to life but are now looking to find their forever home.

Danaher Animal Home is looking for a "patient and experienced" owner for the pair so that they can thrive.

They add: "It's all about slow introductions and respecting their space, allowing them to approach you in their own time. They are looking for that special someone who can provide a safe indoor and outdoor space where they can feel secure and grow in confidence."

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Dunmow Broadcast: FrankieFrankie (Image: Danaher Animal Home)

Gender - Female

Age - Adult

Breed - Continental

Colour - Black

If you want to adopt Frankie you can view their full profile here.

Frankie is described as having an "easy-going demeanour" which means "you don't need to be a rabbit guru to win her heart".

Danaher Animal Home adds: "With kids in the house, Frankie's a gem. She doesn’t get her fur in a twist over some hustle and bustle, making her a great match for families with children around 8 years or older.

"Just remember, she prefers her greetings at ground level, as her cuddles are best enjoyed without the lift-off – a 'paws-on-the-ground' policy, if you will."