Felsted School hosted over 40 primary school pupils from across the region for a 'Science Experience Day'.

The event aimed to inspire the Year 5 and 6 pupils to consider STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) related studies and potential careers in future.

Pupils from Flitch Green Academy, Howe Green Prep, Felsted Prep, Coopersale Hall, Elm Green Prep, and Woodford Green took part in hands-on experiments, handling slime, observing small live Daphnia crustaceans, and constructing catapults.



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The event left pupils feeling inspired to think about a future in science and challenge stereotypes, with one pupil from Howe Green Prep saying: "It was super fun and I have a better understanding of science and secondary school."

A Woodford Green pupil said: "I had the stereotypical scientists in my head but there are so many different experiences."

Heather Mollison, head of science at Felsted, said: "The Year 5 and 6 students were an absolute delight and many have gone away inspired to pursue a career or further studies in scientific fields.

"I am passionate about young people appreciating that being a Scientist isn’t just about being in a lab on your own.

"Many have left understanding that science is collaborative and encompasses many different areas of life and the world around us.

"If nothing else it was a memorable day and fun was had by all."

Visiting teachers also found the day inspiring. One said: "Days like this make my job as a science coordinator more enjoyable.

"I have had a job in science and it is great to see the children be so inspired and really give things a go."

The school has committed to tackling the UK's STEAM skills gap by working to inspire pupils from an early age to explore and understand science, engineering, technology and maths.

Felsted's commitment to STEAM has won them several prizes, including a Primary Gold Quality Mark for Science and the Silver Science STEAM Award.

Miranda Norris, Felsted Prep Head, said: "Through immersive experiences and collaborative exploration, Felsted ignites the spark of curiosity, fostering a generation of young scientists who see beyond stereotypes and embrace the diverse possibilities of STEAM.

"Our Science Experience Day embodies our commitment to inspiring future innovators and problem solvers."