MEET Mamba - a bonny bunny looking for a new home.

He is living at Danaher Animal Home but got into a bit of a pickle after falling out with his sister who he had previously been looking for a home with.

A spokesman said: "As no rabbit likes to be alone we are hoping for Mamba to have the opportunity to find another female companion who he will hopefully create a strong bond with over time.

"Of course, there are no guarantees of him ever getting to the point of wanting to live with another doe, but we are hopeful that a home can be found where if all attempts at bonding fail he can still have some female company but with bars between the rabbits to prevent either being bullied or injured.

"If you have a doe who is looking for a 'husbun' and would like to meet our little Mamba, but promises to take things slow with him until he is a little more settled and open to sharing his space with her, please submit an interest form."

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