Proposals to demolish and rebuild a housing development for over-60s in Dunmow have met with backlash over the "atrocious" design.

The plans, submitted by Last and Tricker to Uttlesford District Council, involve demolishing the existing Alexia House in Randall Close and building 24 flats, with vehicular access of Knights Way.

While residents have welcomed the need for the housing, some have argued that the design is not in keeping with the town's aesthetic.

Jackie Flynn, who lives near Alexia House, said: "I fully support this facility, particularly with its walking access to the town centre for forthcoming residents.

"Following the consultation event some months ago, no realistic changes to the building proposed appearance is evident.

"Thus the plan is to build what looks like a factory unit and represents nothing of the immediate house builds locally, it looks atrocious.

"I agree it needs to be used for accommodation, as all the residents were moved out and it has been sitting empty for at least the last 18 months, and is an eyesore currently and wasteful of accommodation.

"We have lived nearby for over 36 years and regularly interacted with the residents over the years - but why put this new build blight in the middle of residential housing?

"This new rebuild is visually best placed in an industrial estate!"

Another member of the public commented on the planning application, saying: "While I support the redevelopment of the out of date building that no longer meets the needs of the elderly residents it serves, the building itself is completely out of keeping with the historic design of town centre and neighbouring buildings.

"Building this design in this sensitive location will cause harm to the character of the town. I suggest a redesign that is more in keeping with the existing properties close by."

The new design is available to view on the Uttlesford District Council website by searching for planning reference UTT/23/2599/FUL.

If the plans go ahead the building will be a range of different heights with some parts red brick and others in a more modern dark grey zinc.

According to the planning statement for the new design, "the proposals respond to the surroundings using red brick that is the predominant material".

The statement continued: "The dark grey zinc is a modern high quality that fits in well with the black boarding and the nearby heritage assets.


"The building is articulated with a variety of heights and projections which responds to the surrounding development and offers a visually interesting street scene on all sides."

Alexia House was built in 1970 as a 20-flat retirement living development for people over 60.

A public exhibition was held in February to inform residents of the plans, which was attended by 21 people.

Of those surveyed at the time, while 80 per cent believed the use of the site was suitable for the location, eight people said they would improve the design.

Developers Last and Tricker have been contacted for comment.