Down Hall Hotel, Spa & Estate in Hatfield Heath is hosting an all-day dog festival for French bulldogs and Dachshunds on Sunday, September 10.

The event, hosted by canine events company Pop + Bark, is welcoming Dachshunds from 11am to 1pm and French bulldogs from 3.30pm to 5.30pm, with a sold-out event for golden retrievers in the middle.

Owners and their dogs can enjoy a human and pup-friendly barbecue menu, curated by the hotel's chef Robert Pearce, with snacks from the Doggy Barkery, and a 'Pupuccino Bar' serving pumpkin spiced pupuccinos.


Dog lovers are also welcome to attend even if they do not have dogs of their own.

To book for Dachshunds visit, and for French bulldogs visit