RECKLESS motorists involved in collisions have been sentenced following a special session at Colchester Magistrates’ Court.

On August 10, four drivers were sentenced for careless driving and other related offences.

Each driver admitted their driving standard fell below legal requirements at the time of their collision.

Overall, 20 penalty points were issued to the drivers who were each ordered to pay costs and victim surcharges.

One case involved an unsupervised learner driver who had seven penalty points put on their license.

They had failed to stop in time, colliding with the car in front and pushing it into another vehicle.

In addition, they were fined £425 for not having insurance as well as for holding a provisional licence at the time of the collision in January.

A further two drivers were sentenced following collisions in January, neither of whom stopped at the scene.

One of them admitted careless driving by reversing out of a parking space and into an unattended car.

They subsequently received three penalty points on their licence and were fined £72.

Another driver admitted careless driving after pulling out of a junction into the path of an oncoming vehicle, causing damage.

This driver was fined £146 and issued four penalty points.

The last driver of the court session received the largest fine of £640 for driving out of a driveway, striking a cyclist and causing them minor injuries.

Dunmow Broadcast: Special session - Colchester Magistrates' courtSpecial session - Colchester Magistrates' court (Image: Newsquest)

On top of this, the driver was further sentenced to six penalty points.

A spokesperson for Essex Police said: “Essex Police and the Safer Essex Roads Partnership work hard to make our roads safe.

“You can take the Vision Zero Pledge, which asks drivers to consider their driving skills and where necessary, Pledge their support to take action to improve their driving standard and make better driving decisions to keep everyone safe.

“Help us reduce collisions and casualties and make roads across Essex safe for all road users.

“If you have dash cam footage of other road users driving anti-socially or dangerously, upload your footage to Extra Eyes.”

Extra Eyes is supported by Essex Police and the Safer Essex Road Partnership (SERP) to help tackle poor driving standards.