A CREEP has been approaching people with babies and removing their dummies, leading to Essex Police releasing an image of the suspect.

A total of four incidents have been reported to the police between February and August in the Harlow areas of Woodcroft, Parsloe Road, and Cooks Spinney areas, as well as the Staple Tye Shopping Centre.

A child was also assaulted in one incident.

The individual behind the activity is described as a slim, white man in his twenties, with brown eyes and yellow teeth.

Though the man’s face is not revealed in the pictures, it is hoped members of the public will recognise his clothing, with the individual wearing a black hooded top and carrying a black Nike bag.

Chief inspector Paul Austin, district commander for Harlow, said: “This is a series of unusual incidents and, as a parent myself, I understand the level of concern they will cause.

“However, I want to reassure the people of Harlow that we have detectives dedicated to investigating these incidents, have linked previous incidents, and my teams will be visible out in the community to provided reassurance.

“I would urge you to continue going about your daily business as usual but be vigilant of anyone acting suspiciously.

“I need anyone who has information or recognises this person to contact us.”

Crimes can be reported to Essex Police by calling 101 or visiting the website www.essex.police.uk/digital101.