A Takeley resident has raised concerns about illegal parking and a lack of policing at Stansted Airport, which he says causes a "nuisance and a hazard".

The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, cited numerous issues including illegal parking and taxis and other airport transport leaving rubbish in the Bambers Green area.

He added that minibuses from an airport parking company "regularly speed down rural country lanes", and that there is excessive speeding and dangerous parking on Parsonage Road.

In a letter to police and councillors, the resident said: "The difference between Airport Land at Coopers End roundabout (airport side very tidy and good signage) and the Bambers Green/Takeley (general rubbish, filth and damaged signage) side is stark.

"I have never seen local police regularly patrolling the area. Considering we are next to the third largest airport in the UK you’d think there could be some improved policing.

"This point is more valid since we no longer have a local police station in Elsenham, Takeley or Great Dunmow – why was there a need for three police stations when I was 16 years old and the population a fraction of what is now – yet now when the need is pressing, we have hardly any local policing?"

A spokesperson for Stansted Airport confirmed that the area falls outside the remit of airport police officers, who are employed on-site to protect passengers and staff.


He also explained that the airport has worked alongside local authorities, the Stansted Area Transport Forum and the airport consultative committee to tackle fly parking and other vehicle related issues.

There is also a forum on Uttlesford District Council's website to report on-street airport related car parking.

A statement from Essex Police said: "While some of the issues outlined are best dealt with by our key partners, we know we have a key role to play in making sure those who live close to the airport feel safe.

"We have a permanent policing presence at Stansted and a police station at the airport itself.

"We have officers based there 365 days a year who are responsible for policing the airport and its secure grounds.

The area outside of the airport perimeter is covered by the Braintree and Uttlesford policing team, which regularly patrols in the district’s towns and villages.

"As a result of our partnership work, we know speeding and road behaviour is a concern for residents, not only on the A120 but also in more rural roads.

"To tackle this, local officers work closely with officers in roads policing, the Safer Essex Roads Partnership and community speed watch groups to reduce speed."

The spokesperson added that antisocial behaviour fell by about a third across Braintree and Uttlesford in the last 12 months to March 2023.

She said: "We are not complacent, and we know there is always more we can do, and it is only with the help of residents that we can get a truly accurate picture of concerns in the area to focus our resources effectively and respond accordingly."