Students at Felsted School are celebrating after receiving "excellent" results in the 2023 International Baccalaureate programme.

Every student who took the IB successfully completed their diploma, with a 100 per cent pass rate.

They achieved an average points score of 36.2 out of 45, an improvement on last year's results and exceeding the global average of 30.2 and the UK average of 34.6.

Nearly a third of Felsted's IB candidates achieved a world-class score of 40 points or above, which is equivalent to four A*s at A-level, and 63 per cent achieved more than 35 points - equivalent to two A*s and one A at A-level.

Following these results, this year's cohort has secured places at universities including Durham, St Andrew's, King's College London, Warwick, IE Madrid and Boston, among others.

Felsted head Chris Townsend said: “I am delighted to congratulate the Class of 2023 on their superb IB results.

"They should be extremely proud of the hard work they have put in. For most of this cohort, it was their first time sitting public examinations and I am proud of how well they managed this new challenge.

"I have no doubt that they will take a great deal from this experience that will benefit them in their future lives.

"We wish them every success as they head off towards their next stage of education or into the workplace."

Felsted's top-scoring IB candidate, with 43 points out of 45, was Alexandra Carson, who has secured a place to read law at Bristol University.

Dunmow Broadcast: Felsted School's highest IB achiever Alexandra CarsonFelsted School's highest IB achiever Alexandra Carson (Image: Felsted School)

Deputy head girl Alexandra joined Felsted in Year 3 and studied higher levels in French, psychology and philosophy.

At this year's Felsted Speech Day she was the recipient of both the Dame Elizabeth Coker Prize for Leadership and the Psychology Prize.

Throughout her time at the school Alexandra also chaired the model UN and represented Felsted in national sports competitions.

She said: "I am extremely grateful for my time at Felsted and the skills, opportunities and life long friendships it has provided me with for the future."

Both the global and the UK average for IB results have fallen this year, which the school felt makes Felsted students' achievements all the more impressive.

Felsted's director of IB, Karen Woodhouse, commented: "The IB is a globally recognised qualification.


" and have recognised Felsted as one of the best in the country for International Baccalaureate study because we have long experience of offering this wide curriculum as an alternative to A-levels and our candidates achieve consistently high results, which open the door to the world’s top universities and careers.

"One of the best things about this global qualification at Felsted is the cosmopolitan nature of the cohort taking the course, with students from a number of countries including; the UK, Italy and Germany."

Felsted is also celebrating after being named Boarding School of the Year at the TES School Awards last month.

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