If you noticed your allergies have been playing up in the last couple of weeks due to the warmer weather, you might want to prepare yourself for a “pollen bomb” arriving in the UK this weekend.

The Met Office has said the warm weather will enhance the pollen levels across many areas throughout Saturday and Sunday (June 10 and 11).

But if the antihistamines aren’t relieving your symptoms, you’re running out of tissues and even washing your clothes after being outside isn’t cutting it, we have a different solution.

Here are some foods you can probably find stocked in your kitchen at home which have been recommended to relieve hay fever symptoms.

Food and flavour expert, Phil Bianchi from The Gift Of Oil lists the top five best foods for hay fever sufferers.

5 basic foods to relieve hay fever symptoms

Olive oil

"Olive oil is a great natural ingredient and can also be used to relieve hay fever symptoms. The olive oil can help to reduce inflammation in the body and block the release of histamines, providing relief from allergy symptoms. Heating the oil can make it less effective so keep it cool or at room temperature with a nice balsamic vinegar and crusty bread to dip."


"Honey is another brilliant natural remedy, often used for sore throats and colds. Similarly, honey can help with hay fever allergies too. Locally sourced honey is also known to have even greater benefits. Natural or raw honey is also a preferable choice rather than a processed product to help build up a tolerance to pollen."

Dunmow Broadcast: If you have some honey in your cupboard that you don't use often, now could be the time to use it upIf you have some honey in your cupboard that you don't use often, now could be the time to use it up (Image: Canva)


"Eating anti-inflammatory foods can help with allergies, such as fresh berries. Whether you prefer blueberries or blackberries, it’s a good idea to add them to your shopping basket during hay fever season. Other small seasonal fruits such as red grapes and blackcurrants are another good choice!"

Oily fish

"Some oily fish can help those pesky symptoms as it is known to bolster your allergy resistance and even improve asthma. Eating oily fish is generally recommended as part of a healthy diet so increase your usual intake around hay fever season as the pollen begins to strike."


"Research suggests that quercetin in onions acts as a natural antihistamine, reducing the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Raw onion is best as cooking the onion will lower its natural healing benefits."

A Met Office spokesperson told The Independent: “Pollen levels are increasing through the weekend, particularly in southern and central areas of England and Wales, and that’s because of these settled weather conditions.

“There’s nothing in the way of rain forecast to dampen any pollen levels down, so certainly a weekend and a week to have that medication ready for any hay fever sufferers.”

You can check the pollen levels and the latest weather forecast where you are on the Met Office website.