Pupils at Forest Hall School in Stansted had a chance to explore topics not covered by the curriculum on 'collapsed timetable day'.

Year 7 focused on road safety and safety in the summer with Essex Fire and Rescue Service, as well as completing first aid training.

In Year 8, the pupils learnt the same topics, and also learnt more about alcohol and drugs.

Pupil Jake said: "I enjoyed the assemblies on water, road and summer safety as they were informative."

Year 9 worked with Impressionable Minds to learn about gangs and weapons, drugs and alcohol and emotional wellbeing. Pupil Eva described the lessons as "informative and interesting".

Finally, Year 10 pupils focused on safer choices - learning about social skills for life from the RAP Foundation and about gambling, online gaming and mental health from EPIC Risk Management. 


They also learnt about anti-bullying and anti-violence from Stand Against Violence.

Year 10 pupil Jack said: "I liked the true stories as they were interesting. I enjoyed the session on gambling the most."

PSHE lead Linda McCormack said: "It is important that students engage in collapsed timetable day as it covers essential PSHE topics.

"It gives students experiences they wouldn’t usually have in a normal school day, like learning first aid and assemblies from Essex Fire and Rescue Service."