RESIDENTS in Essex are the politest in Britain, according to new data published by a nationwide floristry firm.

Interflora has unveiled the results of its most comprehensive study yet after it set out to establish the reasons behind why the nation buys flowers.

The study also set out to explore the key motivators that prompt Essex residents to reach out to others by sending flowers

The company's extensive analysis has determined that Essex is the politest county in the UK, due to residents expressing gratitude with flowers more than any other county.

Dunmow Broadcast: Flowers - Essex residents are prone to gift flower bouquetsFlowers - Essex residents are prone to gift flower bouquets (Image: Interflora)

Residents in Colchester, meanwhile, have been described as the most attentive, and are apparently most likely to make an effort by sending the birthday and anniversary bouquets.

Clacton, however, is considered one of the most loving towns with seasiders eager to keep the flames of romance alive after they sent the most Valentine’s bouquets in Essex.

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Flowers are also a great symbol of new beginnings, with Maldon residents sending some of the highest volumes of new home bouquets.

But of course, a specific reason is not always required for sending flowers, with Southend-On-Sea and Braintree residents being the most spontaneous and sending the most Just Because and Thinking Of You bouquets in the whole county.

Dunmow Broadcast: Research - The study followed by naming Chelmsford as the most thoughtful town with Colchester and Braintree shortly behindResearch - The study followed by naming Chelmsford as the most thoughtful town with Colchester and Braintree shortly behind (Image: Interflora)

Erica Nicholson, the senior brand manager, said: "Our community of florists has brought the nation closer together for the past 100 years.

"They know more than most that a bouquet isn’t just a bunch of flowers, it’s a way of making a connection with someone you care about; whether that’s to celebrate the good times or commiserate the bad.

"Flowers remain a powerful way for people to both strengthen long-standing connections and build new ones."

The study has been conducted in flower sales ranging from March 2022 until March 2023.