Residents for Uttlesford have retained their control of Uttlesford District Council, despite Conservative gains.

The council elected all of its 39 seats across 22 wards, with the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats losing their group leaders.

The Conservatives increased their number of councillors from six to 11, bucking the national trend which has seen the party lose hundreds of council seats nation wide.

Issues with local planning was suggested by candidates as the main reason behind some of the swings between parties. Here is a full rundown of the results.

Ashdon – Con GAIN

Paul Henry Allington (Green Party): 153

James Leon Herman de Vries (Residents for Uttlesford): 259

John Michael Moran (Conservative): 289

Broad Oak & the Hallingburys – R4U HOLD, R4U HOLD

Bob Church (Conservative): 442

Geof Driscoll (Residents for Uttlesford): 643

Malcolm Cameron Featherstone (Reform UK): 55

Neil Reeve (Residents for Uttlesford): 583

Thomas Richards (Liberal Democrats): 159

Charlotte Dominique Salomon (Conservative): 419

Clavering – Con HOLD

Alan Frank Barnes (Liberal Democrats): 135

Debra Anne Gold (Green Party): 198

Edward Morgan Oliver (Conservative): 493

Debden and Wimbish – R4U HOLD

Sylvia Jane Barrows (Liberal Democrats): 61

Janet Elizabeth Grogan (Labour Party): 74

Stewart Charles Luck (Residents for Uttlesford): 281

James William Noble (Conservative): 213

James Loxam Wilkinson (Green Party): 37

Elsenham & Henham – R4U HOLD, R4U HOLD

Bob Burlton (Labour Party): 117

Bianca Maria Donald (Residents for Uttlesford): 483

Henry Edward Joseph Farrelly (Conservatives): 254

Fraser James (Conservatives): 193

Garry McKay LeCount (Independent): 106

Petrina Michelle Lees (Residents for Uttlesford): 690

Sarah Frances Mackay (Liberal Democrats): 288

Anna Katherine Mowbray (Labour Party): 120

Abi Saffrey (Green Party): 100

Felsted & Stebbing – Lib Dem GAIN, R4U HOLD

Grant Bailey (Conservative): 376

Jonathan Lee Botten (Conservative): 352

Frank Corr (Liberal Democrats): 310

John Charles Evans (Residents for Uttlesford): 498

Sandi Merifield (Residents for Uttlesford): 470

Richard Silcock (Liberal Democrats): 487

Flitch Green & Little Dunmow – Con HOLD

Liz Clark (Residents for Uttlesford): 101

Christian Criscione (Conservative): 352

Iris Janet Evans (Liberal Democrats): 60

Laura Fleur Thomas (Green Party): 57

Great Dunmow North – Con GAIN, R4U HOLD

William Stephen Bortey Annang (Labour Party): 182

Alex Armstrong (Residents for Uttlesford): 528

William Anthony Church (Conservative): 463

Vincent David Clarke (Residents for Uttlesford): 368

John Edward Norris Davey (Conservative): 517

Teddy Kimber (Liberal Democrats): 131

Tina Sham (Labour Party): 165

Great Dunmow South & Barnston – Con GAIN, Con GAIN, Con HOLD

Ben Cavanagh (Labour Party): 278

Gerard William Darcy (Labour Party): 257

Kerry Ann Herbert (Residents for Uttlesford): 468

Philip Joseph Ronald Jones (Liberal Democrats): 174

Rod Jones (Residents for Uttlesford): 482

Patrick Charles Lavelle (Residents for Uttlesford): 477

Tom Loveday (Conservative): 653

Chris Martin (Conservative): 613

Christopher James Muir (Labour Party): 224

Brian John Regan (Conservative): 562

Hatfield Heath – Con HOLD

Mark Lemon (Conservative): 410

Tracy Louen Williams (Residents for Uttlesford): 161

High Easter & the Rodings – Con HOLD

Susan Barker (Conservative): 479

Faridah Mohamed Gullam (Labour Party): 90

Margaret Ann Shaw (Green Party): 115

Littlebury, Chesterford & Wenden Lofts – Ind HOLD, Ind HOLD

Neil Stephen Richard Gregory (Independent): 1,025

Wazz Mughal (Conservative): 399

Richard Stewart Leighton Pavitt (Independent): 988

David Radford (Green Party): 213

Susan Roderick (Liberal Democrats): 196

Sam Slota-Newson (Conservative): 386

Newport – R4U HOLD, R4U HOLD

Roger Hugh Beeching (Conservative): 320

Marion Elizabeth Dyer (Liberal Democrats): 214

Judy Emanuel (Residents for Uttlesford): 795

Neil Hargreaves (Residents for Uttlesford): 785

Madeleine Margaret Radford (Green Party): 205

Saffron Walden Audley – R4U GAIN, R4U HOLD

Mat Braddy (Labour Party): 223

Arthur George Coote (Residents for Uttlesford): 666

Barbara Ann Light (Green Party): 302

Cherry Ellen Parker (Labour Party): 324

Maria Pearson (Conservatives): 293

David Charles Perry (Liberal Democrats): 165

Alex Reeve (Residents for Uttlesford): 648

Howard Stephen Rolfe (Conservative): 262

Saffron Walden Castle – R4U HOLD, R4U HOLD

Heather Jane Asker (Residents for Uttlesford): 771

Simon Alexander Bagni (Conservative): 232

John Gabriel Early (Labour Party): 154

Richard Ford Freeman (Residents for Uttlesford): 610

Edward Vernon Gildea (Green Party):194

John Newman Lefever (Liberal Democrats): 119

David James Sadler (Conservative): 246

Grant John Maxwell StClair-Armstrong (Reform UK): 50

Simon David Trimnell (Labour Party): 233

Saffron Walden Shire – R4U GAIN, R4U HOLD, R4U HOLD

Melon Ahmed (Residents for Uttlesford): 879

Andrew John Baxter (Liberal Democrats): 308

Adaeze Bowen (Conservative): 367

Simon Maurice Ede (Liberal Democrats): 288

Paul Geoffrey Fairhurst (Green Party): 470

Chloe Louise Fiddy (Residents for Uttlesford): 876

Sally Ann Kaemer (Labour Party): 336

Daniel Ronald McBirnie (Residents for Uttlesford): 796

Nick Osborne (Conservative): 457

David Jason Phipps (Conservative): 376

Andrew Mark Sampson (Labour Party): 325

Sonia Sault (Liberal Democrats): 301

Stansted North – Lib Dem HOLD, Lib Dem HOLD

George Francis Peter Braekman (Conservative): 421

Alan Dean (Liberal Democrats): 796

Stuart Valentine Dodgson (Labour Party): 151

Lois Patricia Prior (Conservative): 422

Geoffrey Sell (Liberal Democrats): 773

John Wadham (Labour Party): 169

Stansted South & Birchanger – Con HOLD, Con HOLD

Plaxy Budzinska (Residents for Uttlesford): 117

Melvin Henry Henry Caton (Liberal Democrats): 396

Nick Church (Conservative): 421

Ray Gooding (Conservative): 480

Ayub Khan (Liberal Democrats): 370

Allen Macpherson (Labour Party): 136

Thomas Albert Van De Bilt (Labour Party): 88

Jiri Wolker (Residents for Uttlesford): 86

Stort Valley – Lib Dem HOLD

Joel Alexander Cairns (Conservative): 176

Sanjukta Ghosh (Labour Party): 57

Janice Irene Loughlin (Liberal Democrats): 366

Neil Roddis (Reform UK): 36

Takeley – R4U GAIN, R4U HOLD, R4U HOLD

Geoff Bagnall (Residents for Uttlesford): 630

Jeanne Eileen Bradley (Conservative): 466

Mark Andrew Coletta (Residents for Uttlesford): 477

Madhu Disanayake (Conservative): 303

Lorraine Anne Flawn (Liberal Democrats): 264

Maryanne Craig Fleming (Liberal Democrats): 150

Jim Gordon (Conservative): 381

Paul Kevin Kimber (Liberal Democrats): 132

Tracey Elizabeth Roberts (Labour Party): 195

Maggie Sutton (Residents for Uttlesford): 539

Oliver Kumar Winters (Labour Party): 133

Thaxted & the Eastons – R4U HOLD, R4U HOLD

David Frederick Beverly (Conservative): 364

Martin Liam Foley (Residents for Uttlesford): 893

Richard Henry Haynes (Residents for Uttlesford): 694

Patrick William O’Brien (Liberal Democrats): 102

Andrew John Pryer (Conservative): 255

Trilby Fiona Roberts (Green Party): 94

Antoinette Magdeleine Wattebot (Liberal Democrats): 121

Alex Young (Labour Party): 113

The Sampfords – R4U GAIN

Sarah Jane Heaton Allington (Green Party): 73

Mike Dyer (Liberal Democrats): 44

George Maurice Smith (Conservative): 340

Mike Tayler (Residents for Uttlesford): 344