Members and employees at a Great Dunmow gym took on four epic challenges to raise money for charities close to their hearts.

The challenges took place at Unique Health and Fitness on Friday, March 3.

Participants underwent four separate challenges, which included running the equivalent of a 42,000 metre marathon on the assault runner, rowing 66,000 metres to Calais and back across the English Channel, cycling the 100-mile RideLondon-Essex, and skiing 32,000 metres up and down the longest black run in the world.

Each challenge was completed in a relay format with four people in each team. The teams all competed at the same time, and each team had a single piece of equipment and tried to complete the distance in the fastest time possible.

Gym members were asked to put forward charities that were important to them, and two names were picked out of a hat on social media.

The first charity picked was Myeloma UK, which was chosen by member Claire Lewis, whose son's father has the condition. Myeloma is a blood cancer which starts in the plasma cells.

Unique Health and Fitness has another reason to raise money for the charity, as Brian Pemberton - father of Aidan and Oliver who own the gym - also has Myeloma.


The event also supported the Children's Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF), which was put forward my member Jess Peck, whose niece is waiting for a liver transplant.

For each donation made members were challenged to guess the time that each event would take to complete, and prizes donated by members were awarded to the people who guessed closest to the finish times.

The event was sponsored - and fuelled - by hydration energy drink company iPro.

In total gym members and employees raised £2,300 for the charities.

Unique Health and Fitness owners Aidan and Oliver Pemberton set out to create a gym with a "community feel", which they describe as "the kind of place where trainers understand each of their clients on a personal level, and members feel like they truly have all the support and guidance they need to succeed".