A children's camp in Great Dunmow and Chelmsford is launching a clothing and accessories range and held a focus group to ask children their views.

Kellie and Scott Forbes run Forbesy Camps, which provide activities for children in the school holidays.

In 2012 Kellie appeared on Dragon's Den with her product the 'YUUbag', and is now launching a clothing and accessories brand designed for children.

On Sunday, January 29, Kellie and Scott held a focus group with 33 children from the camp, to conduct market research and get their views on the brand.

Dunmow Broadcast: Kellie Forbes led the focus group with children from Great DunmowKellie Forbes led the focus group with children from Great Dunmow (Image: Forbesy Camps)

They hired the Dunmow Community Hall and set up tables to create a board room with a professional feel. Each child was given a bottle of water, a short document, snacks and a pen at their place setting.

The majority of the children were aged between seven and 14, but there were also three six-year-olds.

Kellie said: "The children were so animated and excited, and were full of fantastic clothing and accessory ideas, and also confirmed that our ideas on the brand were going in the right direction.


"We can now announce that the new clothing and accessories range will be called 'Happy Camper', and my red VW Campervan will be the ambassador of the business. 

"I think that one of my favourite ideas was given to us by Flynn and Mac Fallon, who suggested that we start our own charity and give a percentage of any purchase to the charity.

"We are definitely going to take up the brothers Fallon's idea on that one."

Dunmow Broadcast: Great Dunmow children took part in the focus groupGreat Dunmow children took part in the focus group (Image: Forbesy Camps)

Kellie's Campervan has been named 'Edie', and a friend of hers who is an illustrator will be personifying Edie in art-form for the brand, with the help of his artistic nine-year-old daughter.

The product will be launched along with Edie's first adventure book, where Edie will find portals and take children on magical adventures.

Kellie said: "We are all so excited about this project, and we really want to make a difference to the lives of all children, and our local children and young adults will be a huge part of the success of this rewarding concept."