Pianist Nell, 17, crowned Dunmow's Rotary Young Musician of the Year

A group of people in St Mary's Church, Dunmow including Mayor of Dunmow Cllr Patrick Lavelle and young musicians

The Rotary Club of Dunmow held a Young Musicians' Concert at St Mary's Church - Credit: Rotary Club of Dunmow

Pianist Nell Ramandee has been crowned the Rotary Club of Dunmow's Young Musician of the Year.

Nell, 17, performed at the Rotary Club of Dunmow's new Young Musicians' Concert after winning the competition online earlier this year.

She was also the under-19 Bert Webster Prizewinner in the Essex Young Musician of the Year competition this summer.

A group of people, including Great Dunmow mayor Cllr Patrick Lavelle and young musicians with their instruments

The Rotary Young Musicians' Concert 2021. Musicians L-R: Nathan Quilter, Ewan Cacace, Sofia Ivanes, Ankhan Aswani, Nell Ramdenee, and James Gold - Credit: Rotary Club of Dunmow

The Rotary Club's concert at St Mary's Church saw six musicians take to the stage to perform for an audience which included Dunmow's mayor Councillor Patrick Lavelle and mayoress Alison Lavelle.

Cllr Lavelle said he was impressed by the talent on stage and congratulated Nell on winning the award.

He said: "I was honoured to be invited to attend the Rotary Young Musicians' Concert.

"I was tremendously impressed by the talent of this year's musicians as well as the range of music that was performed and number of different instruments that were played."

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"The winner of the Rotary Club's competitions, Nell Ramandee, exhibited an extraordinary talent for the piano.

"I was carried away by the music."

There were 16 entries into Dunmow Rotary Club's Young Musician of the Year in 2021.

Rotary clubs throughout the country participate in the RIBI Young Musician Competition.

The competition aims to give young people the chance to experience performing on a public stage, showcase talent and experience feedback on their performances.

It is the first time that the Rotary Club of Dunmow has hosted a Young Musicians' Concert in addition to an online competition.

The concert was compered by past Rotary Club president Willie Fraser and the leader of the Dunmow Town Band, Andy King.

Peter Dowse, Rotary District Youth chair, and Jennifer Versey, chair of Dunmow's Rotary Youth Committee, also attended.

Jennifer said: "It was a lovely enjoyable afternoon of varied live music of very high quality.

"It was agreed by all that this is an excellent addition to the Rotary and town diary.

"It should attract a good audience once we are allowed more people in the church.

"Thanks to the musicians and to Andy King for all his work in arranging the competition and the concert."

An earlier version of this article noted that Nell Ramandee had won a prize in the Rotary's Essex Young Musician of the Year competition. Essex Young Musician of the Year is not a Rotary Club event.