Video: RSPCA rescues "totally stuck" kitten

Rescued cat being held in a towel

A rescued Mishmash - Credit: RSPCA

A "totally stuck" kitten has been rescued after getting its head trapped in a rat bait box.

Mishmash is now at Danaher Animal Home in Wethersfield for some rest, while the RSPCA searches for a new home for him.

A member of the public called out the RSPCA after spotting the semi- feral kitten's situation.

RSPCA Inspector Jason Finch cut the plastic box to free the kitten’s head.

Jason said: “This poor little kitten had managed to get himself totally stuck in this box.

The body and tail of a kitten whose head is stuck in a black rat bait box.

The kitten got his head stuck while exploring a rat bait box - Credit: RSPCA

The box that Mishmash the kitten got his head wedged into

The box that Mishmash the kitten got his head wedged into - Credit: RSPCA

“It was a tricky process trying to get him out of the box without causing him any more distress, but thankfully I managed to get him free.

“I checked him over and despite his ordeal he was okay."

He added: “He’s the sweetest looking cat and has been named Mishmish."

Kitten at Danaher Animal Home, Wethersfield

Danaher Animal Home in Wethersfield is now looking for a new forever home for Mishmash the kitten - Credit: RSPCA

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