Lovestruck rescue dogs Frixos and Ziva tie the knot

Dogs Ziva and Frixo after their dog wedding in Great Dunmow, Essex

Newlyweds Ziva the bride and Frixos the groom after their dog wedding in Great Dunmow - Credit: Saffron Photo

Two rescue dogs who found true love when they met in Great Dunmow have tied the knot.

Frixos - the groom - used to scrounge food from tourists and eat from dustbins in Greece alongside his mother to stay alive.

The Greek hare hound crossbreed was placed into a kill centre aged three because he was becoming a ‘nuisance ‘ when his mother was adopted.

Julie Norris in Great Dunmow saw his photos and knew instantly she wanted to offer him a forever home. He is now aged four.

Ziva - the bride - was found starving and filthy on the outskirts of a Spanish village when she was just a few weeks old.

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Luckily the Spanish Mastin mountain dog was placed into a rescue centre where Sally Gatrell from Chelmsford decided to adopt and save her. She is now nearly two.

When Frixos and Ziva's new owners met online via a rescue site, they arranged to meet up.

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Julie said: "They met at Crazy Dogs Playfield for their first play date 18 months ago and are inseparable.

"We decided to organise the wedding as our grandchildren begged us, they too have become a big part in our dogs lives."

She added: "When Ziva walked down the aisle to the Wedding March it was a joy to watch."

The bride and groom had special outfits for their big day, a blessing, wedding cake and guests. Their venue was the same place where they first met.

Little Tilly the Yorkshire terrier assisted as a bridesmaid. There were also special roles for the wedding for children Freya Lucas, Elliott Lucas and Lucy Barnes.

The newlyweds Frixos and Ziva will have a modern union and live in separate homes.

However, they will see each other as much as possible during the week, going out for walkies, dogs shows and the pub, where they are very popular.

A holiday is planned soon for their "honeymoon".


Dog Ziva in a bridal veil on her wedding day in Great Dunmow, Essex

Blushing bride Ziva, a Spanish Mastin mountain dog, on her wedding day in Great Dunmow - Credit: Saffron Photo

Dog Ziva - in bridal veil - at Crazy Dogs Playfield, Great Dunmow

Ziva - the bride - at Crazy Dogs Playfield, Great Dunmow - Credit: Saffron Photo

A dog in a bowtie called Frixos who has married in Great Dunmow, Essex

Frixos - the groom - a Greek hare hound crossbreed who has married in Great Dunmow - Credit: Saffron Photo

Dog who got married: groom Frixos and his best man, Great Dunmow, Essex

Great Dunmow dog groom Frixos and his best man - Credit: Saffron Photo

Three children and a dog dressed up to assist at a dog wedding, Great Dunmow, Essex

Special wedding roles: Freya Lucas, Elliott Lucas, Lucy Barnes and Tilly the Yorkshire Terrier in Great Dunmow - Credit: Saffron Photo

Tilly the Yorkshire terrier wearing an outfit that states Bridesmaid, Great Dunmow, Essex

Tilly the Yorkshire terrier assisted as a bridesmaid for the wedding of dogs Ziva and Frixos, Great Dunmow - Credit: Saffron Photo


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