Penguin-making competition winner 'pecks' up £50 prize

Wooden penguins on a trip to Lapland in a Rayne, Essex front garden

Martyn Phillips transformed his front garden into Lapland to 'peck' up first place in Rayne's penguin trail competition - Credit: Rayne PSA

The result of a 'penguin trail' competition has been decided - with just one vote in it!

Martyn Phillips won the top £50 prize in Rayne's winter penguin trail with a Lapland-themed design.

Ricky Clark earned himself a giant cuddly penguin after scooping second place.

Ricky Clark looks like a baby penguin in his Rayne, Essex penguin trail design

With just one vote in it, Ricky Clark took second place in Rayne's winter penguin trail - Credit: Rayne PSA

Penguin-seekers paid for maps and went looking for window displays and garden features in Rayne, then voted for their favourites.

They raised £625.36 for the village's primary and nursery school.

Emma Wood, Rayne Parent-Staff Association vice-chair, said: "We are so incredibly grateful to the community for taking part.

"The penguins were so original.

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"There were hundreds of maps sold and it was delightful to see happy smiling faces walking through the village."

A happy knitted penguin with a red bobble hat on in Rayne

Penguin 24 was a high scorer in the Rayne penguin trail - Credit: Rayne PSA

An entry into the Rayne, Essex penguin trail 2021

Move over snowmen! The penguins are in town - Credit: Rayne PSA

An entry into the Rayne, Essex penguin trail 2021

Rayne's penguin trail - Credit: Rayne PSA

A £100 prize draw was held when the event finished.

Emma added: "The winner of the draw was a pupil at the school.

"She was so delighted she danced round the room when her name was called!"

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