Reader pictures: Pets' Corner, August 2021

A ginger cat in the garden, Essex

Pets' Corner: Basil has decided he likes Julie, who has fed him for several years - Credit: submitted

These are our top picks for Pets’ Corner for August - thank you to our readers for sharing them with us!

Do you think your pet is cuter?

If you’d like to get involved for next month, send us your pet photos, your name, your pet’s name, and a few sentences about what makes them special to you.

You can see more pet related articles and previous pet galleries on our website - click the Pets Corner tag under the article and you’ll get all the content and all the pictures submitted so far.

Here’s what our contributors say about their pets:

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Black cat waiting for a drink at the garden bar, Essex

Pets' Corner: Holly's cat Phoebe, age 10, waiting for a drink at the garden bar - Credit: submitted

Meet Holly’s cat Phoebe, who is aged 10. She has had her photo taken as she waits for a drink at Holly’s garden bar!

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Hamster nibbling on food from a purple bowl, Essex

Pets' Corner: Francesca's dwarf hamster Buddy - Credit: submitted

This is Buddy, Francesca’s beloved dwarf hamster. She got her parents Alistair and Trish to send us this picture.

Buddy is six months old, a real character, loves climbing and his favourite food is pumpkin seeds.

He’s always on the move and loves nothing more than a spin on his wheel, often keeping the whole family awake at night!


Cat sleeping in a bag which reads: Bag for Life. Essex

Pets' Corner: Maxine's cat Tigger loves a Bag for Life! - Credit: submitted

Maxine’s cat Tigger loves to snuggle up - and his favourite bag is a Bag for Life! Which just goes to show that some cats like what they like!


A dog with three rosettes including one red, stating 1st place, Essex

Pets' Corner: Becky's dog Pixie with her three rosettes from Cambridge Country Show, including a 1st place - Credit: submitted

This is Becky’s beloved dog Pixie - a resident of Saffron Walden and the very proud winner of three rosettes including the all important RED 1st Place Rosette at the Cambridge Country Show.

She won for Best Talent- she played the piano! 


Two cats, one in a wooden hutch, the other looking on, Essex

Pets' Corner: Basil, a feral cat that Julie has fed for over four years, with his furry friend Toby - Credit: submitted

a ginger cat peeking out from plants in the garden, Essex

Pets' Corner: Basil has decided he likes Julie, who has fed him for several years - Credit: submitted

A ginger cat in the garden, Essex

Pets' Corner: Basil has decided he likes Julie, who has fed him for several years - Credit: submitted

Julie has sent in some pictures of Basil, a feral cat she has fed for over four years but still can’t get that close to. 

“He comes in the house but only if the door stays open. He has had several homes in my garden.

"Although not a pet as such, he has so much character and has become our boy. Bless him.”


A cat curled up in a soft looking bed, Saffron Walden, Essex

Pets' Corner: Laura's cat Maisie, Saffron Walden - Credit: submitted

Laura got in touch to talk about Maisie.

“Just moved to Saffron Walden and enjoying relaxing in her cat bed. She is 17 years old.

"What a lovely place to spend her older years.”


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