Essex housing estate doesn’t need more facilities

No more building

AS a Flitch Green resident of four years and in response to your article in the Broadcast (July 29), I would comment as follows:

There is no need to have shops or a pub on what is, after all, a residential development. Our needs are adequately served by the store in Felsted and shops in Dunmow.

The short walk or drive to either is hardly an inconvenience and the exercise is surely a good thing.

If a convenience store and pub were built, would they have enough business for them as well as the businesses in Felsted and Great Dunmow?

A local surgery would be convenient but our medical needs are adequately served by John Tasker House Surgery, with the offer of a second surgery at Angel Lane.

Money might be better spent enhancing the facilities already provided in Great Dunmow, with more doctors, extending surgery hours and state of the art equipment rather than resources being channelled into bricks and mortar.

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